A new day has arrived to promote social good nationwide.


Creative Day for Social Good is a collaborative creative event where design and PR students from local colleges partner with creative professionals to provide much-needed communication and design materials for not-for-profit agencies. In just 24 hours, these agencies receive collateral that would otherwise be out of reach financially, helping them better service their cause and the community at large.



By aligning students of applied arts, their curriculum, the creative community and our collective skills with the marketing needs of social profit organizations, we will assemble annually for Creative Day, to provide free, professional communication materials to social profit agencies throughout North America.



Creative Day for Social Good is an important part of the culture at Intertek Catalyst. This initiative not only enables skill based giving but it allows the Catalyst volunteers, on the organizing committee, to expand their horizons and work outside of their normal day to day responsibilities, expanding their skills and helping them grow their careers. The CD4SG mission statement above is impactful and it is truly meaningful to everyone here at Catalyst.


We’ve hosted this event 4 times at our Guelph office and twice at our head office in Austin Texas, always with the same goals in mind - it has to be a great experience for the students, it has to utilize the talents of the volunteers and it has to provide the non-profits with valuable materials that will help them reach their goals.


Students walk away from the event with lasting relationships with industry professionals and actual creative work for their portfolios – which is so important as they begin their careers in the creative communications industry. One thing that students get from CD4SG that they can’t get anywhere else, is that totally exhausted, supremely happy, absolutely fulfilling, warm and fuzzy Creative Day feeling of knowing that they used their creative talent to help others.


Each year we ask our staff if they would like to volunteer for Creative Day, and each year they all volunteer. All of them. Some of them bring in family members to help out as well…as creative pros, as models, as account managers and art directors or just for moral support. We have former employees take time off from their jobs to come back to Catalyst so that they can take part in Creative Day for Social Good. We have creative professionals who don’t work for Catalyst also set aside these two days to take part in this amazing event.


Those involved with the non-profits, charities or social profit agencies benefit in many ways. Obviously, they are receiving professional marketing and communications materials that most of them would not otherwise have access to. Further, than that many of these organizations have never worked with professional creative agencies before and in taking part int CDS4G they are gaining valuable business skills that will help their organization for years to come.


The next Creative Day for Social Good 2018 is on October 17 & 18. We will meet with our CD4SG core team the following week to assess the event and start planning for next year.


Capacity Canada, in partnership with Intertek Catalyst, Conestoga College, Manulife Financial, and the local creative community provides pro-bono design and marketing work to non-profit organizations across Canada through Creative Day for Social Good (CD4SG). The 24-hour event brings together teams of art directors, writers, account managers and other creative professionals who donate their time to guide a group of animation, graphic design, and public relations students from Conestoga College through the creative process to meet the project needs.


In 2017, the event received 50 applications, for 18 spots, from non-profits across Canada. The creative services total more than $100,000 worth of pro-bono work to assist these worthy organizations in furthering their social impact. This year’s event will take place on Thursday, October 18th through Friday, October 19th at the Alchemy Systems office in Guelph, ON.



In April of 2018 Alchemy Systems partnered with local non-profit accelerator, I Live Here, I Give Here and the School of Communication Design at Texas State University to provide 24 hours of pro-bono design and marketing work for eight local and national non-profits. The event brought together art directors, writers, and marketing professionals who donated their time to guide teams of communication design students through the creative process to meet the public relations, branding, and advertising needs of the non-profits.


The donated services totalled more than $100,000 dollars and provided much-needed collateral to help our non-profit partners make a real social impact. Furthermore, we were able to mentor our talented Texas State students and supply them with invaluable experience working for a client.





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